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Wingman 2v2

Wingman 2v2

In the end, love won!

After a successful realization of the League of Legends Discord event, we immediately got to planning a CS:GO version to put into action. We know that CS:GO is a game where communication and teamwork are essential, therefore we decided that the theme of the event would be precisely that. With 16 teams registered on the board and 2 commentators that had us bursting with laughter, on the 25th of September, we put the Wingman 2v2 Discord event into action!

As we already had the Let’s CS:GO tournament in august this year, we had a few crowd favorites who we thought would make it at the top of this event. But our estimations were shattered as, despite all challenges, the team that came out on top turned out to be Couple! As the name suggests the tag team, _Consume and cris7ine, are a couple that gave new meaning to the phrase ‘’All is fair in love and war.’’ with their victory in our first Wingman 2v2 event! Making our eSports scene all the more special.

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