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TFT Cosmic Star Discord Event

TFT Cosmic Star Discord Event


While our previous events were mainly action-oriented, as true gamers we could not miss the opportunity to organize a Discord event with tactics and mind games as the main theme. So it is no wonder that we chose Team Fight Tactics as the perfect game for this event!

TFT Cosmic Star Discord Event is an online tournament where 32 participants competed in League of Legends auto chess game mode. Even though this was the first Discord event that did not include as much ‘’dynamic’’ or ‘’action-oriented’’ gameplay, suffice to say that none of us faced away from the screen until the very end of the tournament. Every second of the competition brought a new turn, comment, or shift in the flow of the game. The players came out very satisfied with the results of the event, mostly because it was so unpredictable that they themselves were never sure which place they would take in the leaderboard. That being said, this is the first Discord event to have 4 winners at the end of it and we plan on making more of these types of competitions in the future. If you’re a fan of this genre of tournaments, follow our activity and join the next 3Hills TFT Discord Event!

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